Welcome to LearnLoop!

  Wherever you are in LearnLoop, you always see three tabs at the top of the page, Start, Personal and Courses.

You can choose anyone of them by clicking on its tab.

  Start: This is the start area where you find information about LearnLoop and VIL. At the start area you also create your login or ask for your password if you have forgotten it.  
  My resources: This is your private area, where you may save documents and links, check and edit your calendar, change your preferences etc.  
  Workspace: This is the course area, where you apply for courses, read course information, create and take part in forums, read and add documents and links, check the course calendar etc.  


  More functions are going to be added gradually, for example the possibility of writing and editing a document together.  


  LearnLoop is an OpenSource project aimed at developing, and others may take part in this development.

When you visit LearnLoop for the first time you have to create a login and you will get your password by email.

There is no special place where you login but the system will ask you to login as soon as you click on any of the tabs, my resources or workspace.

One of the first things you do as a new user of LearnLoop is to fill in information about you as a user of the system. You may do this under preferences in the personal area.